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Printable Weekly Planner by MKKM

Happy New Years everyone! We're so excited for what this year has in store. If you read our Mantra Monday post this week you know that we have a website launch coming up among other exciting projects. ( If you missed it, go goal chat with us here).

It's been a little overwhelming trying to get all of our ideas in one place. That's where today's Friday Freebie comes in. I'm posting it early, as I'm expecting a lot of you will be in bed recovering on Friday :).

I've been printing out tons of free printables for the past few weeks and couldn't really find one that suited me. I needed something simple, that could handle a lot of random brainstorming. So, I made my own.

Printable Weekly Planner by MKKM

Our weekly planner has a ton of blank open space to write as you please. Notes, goals, a schedule. Whatever your girlboss self desires. We also have an option to print, with a way to remember to drink more water. This year that's one of my personal goals. If I'm going to drink as much coffee as I do, I better get to drinking more water. Download it with or without, if your water habits are just fine.

Download Plain Planner Here and with Water Tracker Here.

Printable Weekly Planner by MKKM

We'd love to see how you use yours! Tag us on instagram @mkkmdesigns.

We'll be taking the weekend off to enjoy the holiday and can't wait to get back to work on Monday with brand new designs, printables, and much much more in 2016.

Happy New Years everyone! The best is yet to come.

The Best Is Yet To Come, Happy New Years from the girl's at MKKM