MKKM Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Printing?

Yes and no. Totally clear right! We do provide printing for certain items. These products come from an outside printer and are drop shipped to you. Printed items clearly state “PRINTED” in the title description. Most of our products are digital items only and are not able to be printed and shipped for you.

 Can you recommend a print shop?

YES! We personally use to print invitations and smaller photo prints. We have also used for printing party supplies, but their product assortment is limited.

What paper should I use to print?

  • Invitations: Heavy white cardstock (over 100lb weight)

  • Party supplies: This depends on the specific supply, but I usually use photo paper on my office printer. I prefer photo paper as it gives the supplies a glossy, more professional look, but plain white cardstock is also good.

  • Art Prints: Again, I prefer photo paper as it gives your prints a more professional look. I would only use cardstock if you are printing something with all text and no graphics.

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