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Hi Guys! I’m Melissa, founder, CEO and creative director of MKKM Designs. I’m an Air Force wife currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. I love Photography, Parties and helping other military wives to create memorable events while stationed overseas. Read more about the team and our story below! You can follow Melissa on Instagram.

Kara is a seasoned graphic designer in NYC and a founding member of MKKM Designs. She is currently Senior UI Designer at Prose, which keeps her extremely busy. Our city prints are her designs!

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Ronnie is Melissa’s (instagram & IRL) husband and head crisis crusher. He helps set up events, take pictures, and keeps everything running smoothly.

Ronnie is anti-social media BUT you can follow his beer adventures on


Jackson and Gryffin are the main party guinea pigs at MKKM Designs, (not that they’re complaining). They are constantly throwing out theme ideas and making sure the cupcakes are on point.

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I originally went to school for Marketing and after graduating with my degree, realized that constantly moving didn’t help my career at all. After having my first baby, I decided to branch out on my own and create MKKM Designs, with my sister Kara, in July of 2012.

What started, on a whim, with a few nursery prints, has become a printable party store that inspires over 500K people a month over on Pinterest. We want to help the everyday person create swoon-worthy events, while being time and budget friendly. Finding cute party decor overseas is hard, printables make personalized parties easy.


Our initials are Melissa Kay and Kara Marie, it was an easy choice. Over the years, and with Kara creating her own successful career outside of MKKM, we’ve slowly outgrown the name and will be rebranding in the near future! Keep up with us on social media, so that you don’t miss the news!

We just celebrated our 7th Biz birthday. You can read about the lessons I’ve learned running a small business here.