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Dinosaur Dig Party & Free Printable Food Cards

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Dinosaur Dig Party. Dinosaur Party ideas and free printables from

Well, here we are again. Another birthday, more dinosaurs. My son's fifth birthday and 3 out of 5 parties have been dino's. I'm wondering if Number 6 will be my chance to design something else for a change LOL.

We (meaning I, because the kid didn't care what dino was involved as long as it was a dino) decided to go with a Paleontologist theme this year. There was an exacavation site set up with tools to dig with and everyone got to go home with the dinosaurs they found.

Scroll through the party pictures for some great dinosaur birthday ideas and free printables. The list of downloads are located at the end of the blog post. Enjoy!

Dino Party Food Ideas

Here's some ideas for fun dinosaur themed party food. The food names in the first column are included in our free printable food cards. Download them here!

  • Dino Droppings (m&m's)
  • Stegosaurus Scales (chips)
  • Raptor claws ( bugles)
  • Brachiosaurus BBQ (meatballs)
  • Triceratops Toast (Grilled cheese)
  • Dino Eggs ( Trolli Sour Egg candy)
  • Pterodactyl Pasta (Mac & Cheese)
  • Diplodocus Dip (Salsa, or veggie dip)
  • Dinosaur Bones (Pretzels)
  • Spinosaurus Snacks (Pigs in a blanket)
  • Raptor Rolls ( Turkey & Cheese Wraps)
  • Brontosaurus Bites (Veggie Cups)
  • Triceratops Treats (Candy of choice)


We set up an "Herbivore Valley" area with veggies and fruit and cheese. A "Carnivore Cave" section with the wraps, Spinosaurus snacks, and dip. A Sweet's area with all the dino related candy, and a Watering Hole with all the drinks for the party. The little wooden food card holders are one of my favorite decor finds and I've used them for so many parties. You can find them here (

I think I posted about this a few parties ago, but over on Etsy, we always get asked how we put together our cupcake toppers. You can either use lollipop sticks or party straws (cut in half). A couple of my favorite products that I use for literally EVERY single party are affiliate linked for you.

Print out your toppers and cut out with a 2" or 2.5" circle puncher (both used for this party), which are sold at craft stores and online at Amazon. Tape onto sticks or straws. Boom, done!

Free printable Dinosaur food cards from MKKM Designs.
Dinosaur party sign by MKKM Designs

The dinosaur models were one of my favorite parts of this party. I was lucky enough to find them at Daiso, our local Japanese dollar store. For those of you that aren't stationed over here, there is a similar set on Amazon (, that would probably work better. The ones that I got from the dollar store looked great, but fell apart almost immediately after they were touched. LOL.

The leafy backdrop was a fun patio cover-up that they sell at a local store called Makeman (similar to home depot) here in Okinawa. The party favors were a magnifying glass and paintbrush that the kids used to dig up little dinosaur favors from a makeshift sandbox. The sandbox kept them busy for a long time and was worth the mess afterwards.

Free Printables from Melissa & Kara

*Please see zip folder notice at bottom of post*

Party Supplies used from Amazon

The dinosaur cutout we have affiliate linked above has been a rock-star. That thing lasted me 3 separate birthday parties which made it well worth the cost. It's always a big hit with the kiddos too. And just a quick note on the absolutely adorable sign that my friend made for my little dude's birthday. We actually ended up using it as party decor after she showed up with it.

For custom items, including the invitation, dino dig sign, cupcake toppers and other printables not available as free download's you can find the entire party theme here.

Check out our other dinosaur party themes here! Grab the printables shown in the party here!

*We included the JPEG files in zip folder format for you to use. Zip folders can only be opened from a computer. You must download, copy/paste the files into a new folder on your computer to print*

As these are free files, to be used for personal use only, we do not individually email the JPEG's out as it is time consuming and takes away from our business work. If you're having trouble downloading the zip folders, a quick google tutorial will usually help you out. Thanks for your understanding!

Party ideas for a Dinosaur Dig. Free printables and tons of dinosaur party ideas for a little paleontologist. Designs from Melissa at mkkmdesigns.

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