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Jurassic Park Inspired Dinosaur Party & Free Printable Dino Party Circles

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Maybe it's a boy thing, or maybe it's just my 4 year old, but Dinosaurs are life in my household. The other day I picked up a toy which I thought was a Raptor and told my son to put it away. He replied with "Mom, that's not a Raptor, that's an Allosaurus". You guys, I had to google what an Allosaurus even is. As I'm sitting here typing this, my spell check even doesn't recognize that as being a thing. But my 4 year old sure knows what it is. So here we are with yet another Dino party.

I was determined to make a different dino party than you usually see and I'm sure if my son has his way, I'll be spending the next couple year's figuring out even more way's to keep a dino theme fresh. This party is a little Jurassic Park inspired to keep the kiddo happy, and a little modern and botanical to keep this mama entertained. Scroll through to see all the photos, get some fun dino party ideas, and download our free printable cupcake toppers.

Dinosuar Party Food Ideas by MKKM Designs

Dino Party Food Ideas

  • Dino Droppings (m&m's)

  • Dinosaur Bones (Pretzels)

  • Stegosaurus Scales (chips)

  • Raptor claws ( bugles)

  • Brachiosaurus BBQ (meatballs)

  • Triceratops Toast (Grilled cheese)

  • Dino Eggs ( Trolli Sour Egg candy)

  • Pterodactyl Pasta (Mac & Cheese)

Grab these cards in the shop!

We set up an "Herbivore Valley" area with veggies and cheese and crackers. A "Carnivore Cavern" section with the meatballs, pizza, and "raptor claws" . A Sweet's area with all the dino related candy, and a Watering Hole with all the drinks for the party.

I didn't get a great picture of it, but I also attempted to make fossil cookies and it was a total Pinterest fail. I'm sure I'll have this year to try again.

Dinosaur Cake from a Jurassic Dino party by MKKM Designs

We always get asked how we put together our cupcake toppers. It's only a few supplies and super quick. You can either use lollipop sticks or party straws (cut in half). A couple of my favorite products that I use for EVERY single party are affiliate linked for you.

Print out your toppers and cut out with a 2" or 2.5" circle puncher (both used for this party), which are sold at craft stores and online at Amazon. Tape onto sticks or straws. Boom, done!

Grab your free printable cupcake toppers here. We've set up a download with the Roar and Trex circles. If you'd like to personalize them, they are available for purchase in our shop here.

Our Favorite Party Supplies

T-Rex Cutout at a Jurassic Park inspired party | mkkmdesigns

Extra Party Supplies Used

Free Cupcake Toppers PDF

Free Favor Tags JPEG | PDF

The cake was made by Giovanna of Stuck On You. The birthday boy loved that he got to keep the little dino's after blowing out the candles.

The leafy backdrop was a fun patio cover-up that they sell at a local store called Makeman (similar to home depot) here in Okinawa.

Grab the matching invitations on Etsy or in our party supply shop here. The photo invitation is only available on our website.

The birthday boy and his gigantic T-rex cutout | mkkmdesigns
Dino Thank You Tags "Thanks for stomping by" | mkkmdesigns

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Party ideas and free printable for a Jurassic Park inspired birthday party. // mkkmdesigns

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