MKKM Designs

Who We Are

Hi! We're Melissa & Kara, sisters, small business owners, and graphic designers based out of NYC and Okinawa Japan. MKKM Designs is a design company, with a goal of making life swoon-worthy. We want to help the everyday person create swoon-worthy events, while being time and budget friendly.

Melissa Corkin of MKKM Designs

Melissa Kay

Melissa is an Air Force wife and mama of 2 little boys, currently stationed overseas at Kadena Air Base in Japan. She is responsible for the day to day busy work of running our stores. She loves designing items that could be used in her own life and adores party planning. If you send us a message, she's the girl you'll be talking to.

She is obsessed with coffee, speaks in hashtags, and uses the words swoon and darling more than she should.

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Kara Marie

Kara of MKKM Designs

Kara is a seasoned graphic designer in NYC and is certainly the more modern designer. She would love to create product packaging one day and is responsible for most of the modern graphic work that appears in our store. All those pretty city prints in the store that we love so much? All Kara! 

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