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Harry Potter Mini Party with Free Printables

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Just in time for fall, I'm sharing a Harry Potter themed party! Shout-out to my Hufflepuffs. We used these printables for a Potter themed Christmas, but they would be great for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just because you're a gigantic Harry Potter fan. Grab the free printable food cards and table signs at the end of the post.

Harry Potter party printables. Mini Party ideas and free printable signs from MKKM Designs.
Welcome to the Great Hall, Harry Potter free printable party sign from

Our party was on Christmas Eve morning, so we made it a Harry Potter Pajama party. The shirt from below was one of my favorite Christmas presents! The “Three Broomsticks” mug was made on Island.

My husband and I are total Harry Potter nerds (resident Hufflepuff and wannabe Slytherin) so all of the Funko Pop figurines you see scattered throughout, are from our own mini collection of them. It was nice being able to use them for something productive LOL.

Harry Potter Inspired Party Food

Pumpkin Pasties (Recipe), Herbology Bites - (Recipe), Werewolf Chow, Deviled Dragon Eggs, Golden Snitches, and of course we had Butterbeer (Recipe).

Grab the printable food cards JPEG Zip | PDF

Deviled Dragon Eggs. Free printable Harry Potter food cards from
Werewolf chow at a Harry Potter party. Free printable food card designs from
4 Free Harry Potter food cards for a Potter themed event. Pumpkin Pasties, Herbology Bites, and more. // Designs by MKKM Designs
Harry Potter party printables. Grab the free party signs and food cards from
Three Broomsticks Pub and Inn sign from a Harry Potter party. Free printable party signs from MKKM Designs.

Free Printables

We love creating custom orders! If you need a larger size sign or want your own signs to match your event, send us a message on Etsy! Custom party signs can be ordered here.

Printable food cards JPEG Zip | PDF

Printable 4x6” table signs JPEG Zip | PDF

Products we used to make this party pop!

Don't forget to tag your parties with #mkkmdesigns on Instagram! We put together a new party centric Insta account and can't wait to share your pictures!

Harry Potter Mini Party: Free Printable signs and food cards from MKKM Designs.

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You Da Mom. Free Mother's Day Card Printable.

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Free printable mother's day cards | mkkmdesigns

Mother's day is right around the corner, time to let your mom know how much you love her. My kiddos made a couple cute "Surprise" presents for their Nana and Grandma and I made a cute card to go with. I don't think there are many mom's out there, who wouldn't love to have a hand written note from their kids. If you still haven't done anything, don't panic, just print out a free printable, throw in a few photos, or just write a note and mail it out. Your mom will thank you. Grab your free printable cards here!

Free printable mother's day cards | mkkmdesigns

Super Mario Party Recap with Free Printables

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Free Super Mario Printables

This Super Mario Party was full of fun! Each guest was given a gamer pass, a hat or crown, and enjoyedjumping in Bowser's castle.  Today I'm sharing the love with a bunch of free printables from the party, and some tips for making your Super Mario party swoon-worthy.

This party was full of Mario related goodies and each kid went home with a Nintendo Hershey bar. The dessert table at this party was a hit with Cupcakes, "Brick Brownies", "Yoshi Eggs", Gold Coins & Mario's Mustaches.

Guests drank "Power Up Potion" and enjoyed making pizza's for lunch at Luigi's kitchen.

Scroll down to view all the photos and grab your free printables to decorate your Mario Party.

Game Over, Treat Sign. Free Printable Super Mario Signs by MKKM Designs
Super Mario Party Decor by MKKM Designs

Get your own 8x10 "Grab a Hat/Crown" by clicking the link. The customized "Let's-A-Go Play" party sign can be found in our Etsy shop here.

These food cards and custom designed cards can be purchased here.

Free Printable Super Mario Signs

These white 4x6" frames from Ikea are my absoulute favorite for parties. You may have noticed, I use them for literally everything! Check out our "Amazon Party Essentials" links below to grab your own.

Party Essentials

*Please see zip folder notice at bottom of this post if you are having trouble downloading.*

Amazon Party Essentials

Luigi's Pizza kitchen free printable sign from
Super Mario Party Ideas

*We included the JPEG files in zip folder format for you to use. Zip folders can only be opened from a computer. You must download, copy/paste the files into a new folder on your computer to print*

As these are free files, to be used for personal use only, we do not individually email the JPEG's out as it is time consuming and takes away from our business work. If you're having trouble downloading the zip folders, a quick google tutorial will usually help you out. Thanks for your understanding!

Party ideas for a Super Mario Birthday Party. Free printable signs and candy wrappers on the blog.

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