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Mantra Monday

A Girl Boss confession, shop announcement, and mid week motivation.

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I posted a confession over on Instagram this morning that I know some of you fellow business owners and makers can relate too. The confession? I S U C K at social media. Really, I take it to a whole new level.

Some people post pictures that look like they came from a LG flip phone and you wonder what on earth they’re doing. Some people post 5 pictures a day that look like a professional photographer follows them around for a living, and you scroll in awe. Some people have the perfect balance of wit and inspiration and make all of their followers want to be them. Then there’s me. I just don’t post. At all. Ever. BECAUSE, I am none of the above. I’m an average mom, who takes average pictures, and is usually busy running after a slimy nosed toddler, while trying to knock out an ever growing list of orders. The anxiety I get when logging into Instagram is insane, so I just avoid it altogether.

get out of your own head ✦ Quote of the day ✦ monday motivation, girl boss inspo // ✦ mkkmdesigns

I’ve had to do a little soul searching lately. We’ve been in Germany for 4 months now and it still feels like Day 1. Every day there is very little routine, due to my husband’s new and constantly changing schedule (my fellow Milspouse mama’s know this struggle). I’ve had to try to find bits and pieces of time during the day to work and those moments seem to be few and far between. When I do finally find the time, I spend most of my precious hours working hard on getting orders out to all my lovely clients. This leaves ZERO time for what I love most, designing. I may be an average mom, an average photographer, an average person really, BUT I’m a great designer. After 7 years of being in business and even longer teaching myself how to design, I know that my designs are fun and unique and different from what other people are doing, but there is always that little voice of self-doubt trying to tear you down. To me, there is always someone doing it better, someone that just broke into the business and is killing it on Instagram, etc. etc.

I had a long talk with my husband (by long talk, I mean I cried a lot while he tried to talk me off a mental ledge) and we (he) came to a conclusion. The reason I get so anxious, upset, and emotional every single time I log into my email, my etsy shop, my social media, is because every day I am only working for other people. I don’t do any creating for myself anymore.

I've got 99 problems and being an introvert has caused all of them ✦ Quote of the day ✦ introvert problems // ✦ mkkmdesigns

When my sister and I started this business in 2012, we did it strictly for FUN. That was it, just fun. We enjoyed designing and figured hey why not, we can do this. After the first couple of years, Kara worked hard on her own successful career in design, working with some major brands in NYC and isn’t working on the shop. I’m so very proud of her, and so thankful that she lets me do what I want with “our” shop. Since her career took off, it’s been a one woman show of creating orders as fast as possible, logging out and attempting not to stress for the rest of the day. Most people don’t realize how much time and work go into running an Etsy shop. It is STRESSFUL guys.

work hard in silence, let success be your noise. ✦ Quote of the day ✦ monday motivation // ✦ mkkmdesigns

This year, if only for my own sanity, I want to bring the fun back. What does that mean for the shop? It means fun NEW designs for the first time in a long time, it means even more freebies for you throughout the year, because I enjoy making them. It means more random blog posts, with silly quotes, because I like rambling on in them. It also means that I won’t be taking on as many custom requests. Has everyone watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show yet? (If no, what rock have you been under?!) If yes, then you know where I’m going with this – Do more of what sparks joy in you. These days, some of the crazy custom requests I get do anything but spark joy for me personally. I’m not saying, don’t even bother messaging me about custom items, but I am saying, I may have to turn some of you down.

you don't have to figure it out yet. keep trying. ✦ Quote of the day ✦ monday motivation // ✦ mkkmdesigns
Do more of what makes <you> happy ✦ Quote of the day ✦ girl boss inspo, monday motivation // ✦ mkkmdesigns

I can’t wait to get this year (re)started and get to work on more of what makes me happy. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk and I’d love to hear if you’ve been struggling with this too! Let’s all commiserate in the comments together. - Melissa

Monday Motivation for the New Year

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Happy New Year everyone! 2018 was a doozy. A military move to yet another country (Hello Germany!) and the struggle of starting all over again. Here’s to hoping 2019 is much less of an emotional roller coaster. I’m starting the year off right with a little motivation and a part of my personal #designdaily challenge.

Live now, worry later. ✦ Quote of the day ✦ Monday motivation, New Years Motivation  // ✦ mkkmdesigns
It may not be home, but it is an adventure ✦ Quote of the day ✦ Moving Quote, Military Life Quotes  // ✦ mkkmdesigns
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live - Albus Dumbledore✦ Quote of the day ✦ Monday motivation, New Years Motivation  // ✦ mkkmdesigns
book. coffee. sweater. repeat. #mood ✦ Quote of the day ✦ morning feels, New Years Vibes  // ✦ mkkmdesigns
You don't do Magic, You Are Magic - Rainbow Rowell #bookquotes ✦ Quote of the day ✦ girlboss life, #mood  // ✦ mkkmdesigns
for they shall have adventures. and coffee. lots of coffee. #mood ✦ Quote of the day ✦ travel quotes  // ✦ mkkmdesigns
this girl runs on coffee and oversized sweaters. #mood ✦ Quote of the day ✦ morning feels, New Years Vibes  // ✦ mkkmdesigns

This year, I’m most looking forward to getting out and exploring a new country! What are you looking forward to??

Mantra Monday ✦ Motivation for Mompreneurs & Boss Ladies

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Happy Monday guys! This past week has been a DOOZY. Those of you stationed on Okinawa with me, know what I’m talking about. Typhoon Trami just ripped through our little island and has created so much devastation. We didn’t have internet for a couple of days, and hundreds of thousands of people still don’t have power. The entire situation is terrible. To top it off, my kids haven’t been in school since Thursday, and we have another typhoon headed our way later this week.

My business life got put on hold over the weekend as I couldn’t check on anything without the internet. I’ve been so anxious and ready to get back to work so I’m sharing a story and some motivation from over the summer when my biz life also got put on hold.

Mama, you get better everyday - Monday Motivation for Boss Ladies and Mompreneurs  // Quotes from MKKMDesigns

Have you ever been in a total business rut and just felt lost and unmotivated? That was me a couple of months ago. My boys had been out of school for a couple of months and my business was STRUGGLING.

I was unmotivated and barely spending any time working on my biz. My stats were in the toilet, sales were few and far between, and I was spiraling into an anxiety hole. My husband sat me down and talked to me about needing to "do the work"( A fav sayings from the podcast of the Boss ladies over at Being Boss). I realized I was expecting everything to stay the same, even if I wasn't putting in any work. 

Don't Just Want It, Go Out and Get it - Monday Motivation for Boss Ladies and Mompreneurs  // Quotes from MKKMDesigns

In August, I started building my biz again. I put in hours upon hours of work. I started blogging again, and using Pinterest on a daily basis, and making sure that I was checking in everyday, even if I didn't have time to sit and create. The results started to show. In the past 2 months, our Pinterest has gone from 200K views to over 500K monthly. Our sales are almost back to normal, and as a boss lady, I feel confident in my business again.

Starbucks wasn't built in a day - Monday Motivation for Boss Ladies and Mompreneurs  // Quotes from MKKMDesigns

The biggest change I made was making sure I was setting aside time for myself. Because my kids were home all the time, I had major mom guilt if I left them to fend for themselves for too long. I had to learn to find a balance. Play with them first, and then work for an hour. Make sure we had story time and outdoor time in between answering emails. It’s ok if you only get part of a project done, it’s ok if you get 10 projects done. As long as you are doing something that makes you feel good at the end of the day.

In the midst of chaos, make work your calm - Monday Motivation for Boss Ladies and Mompreneurs  // Quotes from MKKMDesigns

The more time I spent working on my business, the more I re-discovered how much I LOVE what I do. I had started to think about shutting down, and finding a “real” job. After a month of putting a little love back into my biz, I realized I was just being silly.

Love your business and it will love you back - Monday Motivation for Boss Ladies and Mompreneurs  // Quotes from MKKMDesigns
Even small victories take time - Monday Motivation for Boss Ladies and Mompreneurs // Quotes from MKKMDesigns

I’ve been working hard on a ton of new party themes, and putting together blogs of all our past parties, and can’t wait to share it all! Follow along on our NEW instagram page, we’d love to hear from you!

Hang in there boss lady, I promise it gets better.

Monday Motivation for Milspouse's, Quotes for PCS-ing

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I'm back with another round of Monday motivation for my military mom's, and wives because we are in the midst of another overseas PCS and I'm about to pull my hair out. If you've been through any PCS, you know what I'm talking about. If you've had to try to get 2 dogs and 4 people and a household of stuff from Japan to Europe in the middle of a school year, then girl, have a drink, and know I'm right there with you. Here's a little bit of love to get you through the week.

I've got 99 Problems & this PCS has caused all of them. Milspouse Quotes // PCS Quotes✦MKKMdesigns✦

Ok, I've got 99 Problems & this PCS has caused all of them. This is in fact a true story, TMO I'm looking at you. You have caused about 90 of the 99.

It doesn't matter where you're going, it matters who you have beside you. Milspouse Quotes // PCS Quotes✦MKKMdesigns✦

Now that my kiddos are back in school for a few weeks before we head around the world, I've been working on a ton of parties to blog! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

And then I realized Adventures are the best way to learn. Milspouse Quotes // PCS Quotes✦MKKMdesigns✦

If any of you other military mama's have any advice on surviving running a business and moving around the world, let me hear it! Heading to Japan wasn't this hard.

I am SUPER excited to show my enthusiasm for PCSing with the shirt I just ordered from one of my favorite Milspouse businesses, The Rosie Project Apparel. They have a bunch of really cute military themed shirts for the whole family. Click the pictures below, to check them out.

You can keep up with my survival personally on instagram @melissakay_15 and keep an eye out for new posts on our Facebook page.

October Feels.

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Happy Columbus Day. How on earth are we already a week into October!?! Here's a look at what we've got going on this week! Keep up with us on social media and let us know what you've got going on! We're always ready to chat on Instagram.

Fall is in the air! We've got some fun, rustic party themes going up in the shop this week. As well as some additions to our most popular themes (like our Camping birthday party). Checkout all the new fall additions here!

What we've been reading! We're always looking for good reads, tag your photos #mkbookclub on Instagram so we can add new books to our lists. Temperatures are starting to drop, and we're cozying up with some of our favorite reads. Check out our Pinterest board for more great reads.

What's on our mind this week.