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Dinosaur Back To School Sign : Free Editable Printable

Freebie FridaysMelissa Kay

School is finally back in session and this mama could not be anymore ecstatic. My little guys need the structure and I need the peace and quiet.  This year I designed a fun editable printable, for fellow little Dino lovers.

Dinosaur Back To School Signs by MKKM Designs

I'm sharing our free printable sign that my 4 year old helped out with this year. There's a boy version and a girl version, just in case there's some girl dino lovers out there too. 

Dinosaur First Day Printables by MKKM Designs

Download your free editable files below. The school year, date, and classroom texts can be edited using the latest version of adobe reader.

Boy Version | Girl Version

Happy school year mama's!

Editable Dino First Day of School Sign by MKKM Designs

Lumberjack Birthday and Free Printable Favor Tags

PartiesMelissa Kay

Somehow my little guy's first birthday was already 2 months ago! How the time flies by! I'm finally getting around to sharing the pictures from it. I've got some fun decor ideas and free printable favor tags for you.

For those of you that don't know, being stationed in Okinawa it's usually warm and tropical all year round. This year has been COLD! This little lumberjack party was perfect for the cooler weather. Check out all the photos below and get the free printable "Smores" favor tags! All of the printables can be found in our etsy shop

The party as woodsy as it could get here. We served a full on array of breakfast food complete with flapjacks, sausage and biscuits and gravy (I only managed to burn the gravy once. I am as un southern as it gets guys).

There was a watering hole set up with these perfect little camping cups ( found at the local 100 yen shop). We also had a coffee and cocoa station, which was perfect for the rainy gloomy day that ensued.

The banner below was a DIY with photos from each month birth to 1. It was such an easy project that turned out so cute. The banner is now up in Gryff's room.


Cake by Giovanna ( who will hopefully have a page up soon, because her cakes are AMAZING)

Printables by Melissa at MKKM Designs

Wood Place Cards Wood Slices Straws | (af.links)

Cake stands, Trees, frames and other party items all purchased here locally on Okinawa.

Get the Printable favor tags here!

We LOVE to see how you party! Join us on social media #mkkmdesigns with any of your parties using our printables.



Monday Motivation for my Military Mama's

Mantra MondayMelissa Kay

Oh man you guys, this past month was a doozy. You may have noticed, we've been practically non existent on Social Media since January. I spent most of January preparing for my husband's deployment and then all of February trying to survive said deployment. He'll be gone for a few more months, but I think my tiny humans and I, finally have some sort of a routine down.

This weeks Monday mantra's are mainly for myself. A little reminder that even though life is a little rough right now, sometimes you just have to suck it up and keep going.

Don't Count The Days, Make the Days Count | Monday Mantra, Motivational Quotes

I'll be trying to get back into a Social Media routine this month and have a bunch of goodies, I've been working on in my very limited spare time. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

It never get's easier, you just get better | Monday Mantra, Motivational Quotes

If any of you other military mama's have any advice on surviving running a business and keeping little one's occupied while daddy's away, let me know! I'd love to hear it!

You can keep up with my survival personally on instagram @melissakay_15 and keep an eye out for new posts on our official insta page @mkkmdesigns

Picking Your Word for 2016

Mantra MondayMelissa Kay

Over the weekend I finally chose my word for 2016. I was so excited that I ran downstairs and told my husband who proceeded to say "You have to have a word? Is it like a hashtag or something"? Talk about anticlimactic. Sorry my dear instagramhusband, but yes this year I feel the need, like so many others of you, to have a "word". 

Have you picked your word yet? Share it with us over on twitter! For me/us, 2016 is the year to Create

Create, our 2016 word.

I personally spent most of 2015 focusing on keeping a business going while having a newborn and a toddler at my feet every second. There was a whole lot of surviving, (both in business and in life) and not very much creating. This year, that will change. Kara and I both have a ton of fun projects planned for this year, and hope that you guys love them as much as we do.

Always be creating

This weekend I also sat down and read Big Magic finally. It was everything I was expecting and so much more and has me so fired up to dig even deeper into my creativity this year. This book is a must read for creatives. Although as stated in the book "If You're Alive, You're A Creative Person". Really, go get it. Now.


Also super exciting, Kara's been busy getting her creativity on and is rolling out some new city prints to add to the collection. First up Portland! Get it here. If you haven't checked out her prints in the shop, you need to. They inspire some serious wanderlust.

Weekly Planner Free Printable

Freebie FridaysMelissa Kay
Printable Weekly Planner by MKKM

Happy New Years everyone! We're so excited for what this year has in store. If you read our Mantra Monday post this week you know that we have a website launch coming up among other exciting projects. ( If you missed it, go goal chat with us here).

It's been a little overwhelming trying to get all of our ideas in one place. That's where today's Friday Freebie comes in. I'm posting it early, as I'm expecting a lot of you will be in bed recovering on Friday :).

I've been printing out tons of free printables for the past few weeks and couldn't really find one that suited me. I needed something simple, that could handle a lot of random brainstorming. So, I made my own.

Printable Weekly Planner by MKKM

Our weekly planner has a ton of blank open space to write as you please. Notes, goals, a schedule. Whatever your girlboss self desires. We also have an option to print, with a way to remember to drink more water. This year that's one of my personal goals. If I'm going to drink as much coffee as I do, I better get to drinking more water. Download it with or without, if your water habits are just fine.

Download Plain Planner Here and with Water Tracker Here.

Printable Weekly Planner by MKKM

We'd love to see how you use yours! Tag us on instagram @mkkmdesigns.

We'll be taking the weekend off to enjoy the holiday and can't wait to get back to work on Monday with brand new designs, printables, and much much more in 2016.

Happy New Years everyone! The best is yet to come.

The Best Is Yet To Come, Happy New Years from the girl's at MKKM